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2021 Adaptive Resource Management Meeting

We’d like to extend an invitation for our adaptive management virtual workshop and request that you reserve the following dates on your calendar: 19-22 October.  

If you work with any of our focal species (Mottled Duck, Black Rail, Yellow Rail), in high marshes in the Gulf of Mexico, and/or with prescribed fire, you’re input would be extremely valuable.

Tuesday, 19 Oct: AM and PM sessions

Wednesday, 20 Oct: AM and PM sessions

Thursday, 21 Oct: AM and PM sessions

Friday, 22 Oct: AM session only

We will send along a detailed agenda for the workshop soon.  Please use the following link to register:

Thank you! We are looking forward to another productive and engaging workshop!  If you have any questions, please feel free to email Michelle Stantial ( or Jim Lyons (


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